Memory Cards

There are many types of memory cards and it's a good idea to consider what type of memory a camera uses before you buy your first digital camera. Most digital cameras come with a low capacity memory card, but if you're shopping for your first digital camera make sure to budget for an additional card.

Here are two crucial bits of information that every digital camera user needs to know in order to assure the safety of their images.

1. Turn Off Your Camera: First, remember to always turn your camera off before removing or inserting a memory card. When your camera is on and your card is inserted the two are interconnected, passing information in the form of magnetically charged particles. Yanking out your memory card can literally cause things to go haywire.

2. Format Your Card: Second, format your card regularly and always do so while it is in your camera, not connected to your computer. In fact, not only should you not format your card using your computer, but you should not even delete individual files with your computer.

The problem with erasing or formatting memory cards on your computer is that your computer works differently than your digital camera. The ways in which these tasks are accomplished by the two machines are different, and in many instances the two machines may be incompatible.

You can save yourself and your memory card from potential scrambled data, i.e. irretrievable photos, and ensure your ability to take pictures when you want to by simply following these memory card care guidelines above.

Camera Megapixels 64MB memory card 128MB memory card 256MB memory card 512MB memory card 1GB memory card
4MP 40-50 91-100 171-189 362-400 724-800
5MP 35-40 70-78 141-157 283-313 565-625
6MP 27-32 57-63 113-125 226-250 452-500
8MP 20-23 38-42 75-83 151-167 301-333